Are you a school or educational institution providing instruction in Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM)?

Apply to become a qualified educational institution recognized by ĀYU Council. Our institutions adhere to the highest standards of training based on classical literature.

ĀYU Council recognizes schools that offer a variety of educational styles that meet the needs of the current Āyurvedic community. Find the education that is right for you with modular-style programs to complete certificate programs.

ĀYU Council supports schools with clear, organized and updated Competency Guidelines that are fundamentally based in Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) and redesigned for Western students.

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Professional Training

Modular Programs

Ideal for students looking for specific topics in Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) that are often missing from standard Āyurvedic education in the US.

Certificate Programs

Ideal for students looking for complete, organized classical training in Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM), as well as students who are just starting their professional education.

Application Requirements

To apply for recognition with ĀYU Council, schools must ensure that their training meets the following standards:

  • Sanskrit terms are used where no English equivalents exist.
  • Traditional Āyurvedic medical literature is the core training material.
  • Students become competent in navigating classical literature, finding references, reading transliterated Sanskrit and interpreting translations.
  • Instructors include BAMS-level training or equivalent

ĀYU Council is accepting applications from qualified educational institutions who provide professional Āyurvedic education any form as long as the foundation is rooted in Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM). Programs may be:

  • Modular or certificate
  • Competency-based, instead of time-based
  • Online, in-person or hybrid
  • A combination of pre-recorded lecture and live class

Review the Guidelines

The Competency Guidelines for professional Āyurvedic education are currently available for Levels 1 and 2. These guidelines support schools to provide high-quality, rigorous education that is founded in Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) as taught and practiced in India today.

Level 1
AHC: Āyurvedic Health Coach

Level 2
SA: Svastha Āchārya (Āyurvedic Health Trainer)

Begin your application by creating an organizational membership and submitting your program information. Reach out to info@ayucouncil.org with any questions.

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Advancing Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) in the West



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