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Advancing Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM)
in the West

Wednesday May 6th, 2020
Two hours with panel discussion and live Q&A

Meet the speakers

Remy Coeytaux is a family doctor, integrative medicine physician and clinical epidemiologist who believes that Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine has a tremendous amount to offer when integrated into our modern health care system.

He attended Brown University, Stanford Medical School, and the University of North Carolina School of Public Health. He is a former Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar and a Bravewell Collaborative Fellow in Integrative Medicine. He served on the faculty of the University of North Carolina and Duke University Schools of Medicine prior to serving in his current position at Wake Forest University School of Medicine where he is a Professor of Family and Community Medicine, the Caryl J. Guth, M.D. Chair in Integrative Medicine, and the Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine.

Anusha Sehgal is a classically trained Āyurvedic physician with over 17 years of experience in education, clinical practice and research. She has a Master's in Āyurvedic pharmaceutics (Rasa Śāstra) and has contributed to significant research regarding the safety and efficacy of Āyurvedic products. Currently, she is the president of Boston Ayurveda Inc., and faculty with the Radiant Living Online School of Ayurveda.

She is the former Chair of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association Certification Board (NAMACB). Dr. Sehgal has been working to showcase authentic Āyurveda through teaching, practice and publications. She is a leading advocate for maintaining the rigorous standards and quality of Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM).

Kashyapa Fisher is one of a handful of Westerners to complete traditional Guru-kula style training (apprenticeship training) in professional Āyurveda in India. Under the guidance of Āyurvedic Doctors, Shreerang and Varsha Galgali, Kashyapa excelled in Sanskrit and advanced clinical applications of Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM).

He is the founder and director of the Ārogya Clinic and Pañchakarma Center in Albuquerque, NM, where he practices full scope, Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM). A pioneer in the realization of clinical Āyurveda in the West, Kashyapa specializes in toxicology and chronic disease management.

Jessica Vellela is the first American-born woman to become an Āyurvedic Doctor and practice independently in India. She combines her background in Data Architecture with Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) as a teacher, clinician and leader. She is the founder of ĀYU Academy, where she implemented the first fully restructured curriculum for professional Āyurvedic education in over 100 years.

Jessica also founded and managed a Pañchakarma center in India where she specialized in classical and Keraliya-style Śodhana for biopurification and elimination of metabolic waste. She is committed to advancing Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) in the West through rigorous education, high-quality training, and full scope, collaborative medical practice.

Eliot Tokar is a New York City-based doctor of Tibetan medicine and internationally experienced writer and lecturer. He began his studies from 1983-1986 with Dr. Yeshi Dhonden, and beginning in 1986 as an apprentice to the lama/physician Dr. Trogawa Rinpoche; both of whom were co-founders of the Tibetan Medical Institute in Dharmasala, India.

He has served as an advisor to organizations such as the American Medical Student Association and has lectured at institutions such as Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Yale University, Princeton Univ., NY Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, NY Botanical Garden and the Asia Society. Eliot’s publications have appeared in American and international books and journals. His writings and lectures concern the theory and practice of Tibetan medicine, as well as the role of traditional Asian medicine in the context of globalization, including topics such as medical pluralism, integrative medicine, evidence-based medicine, biopiracy, and intellectual property rights.

Event Highlights

Integrating TAM with Conventional Medicine

Remy Coeyteax, MD, PhD
1st speaker

As the founder of the the first acupuncture clinic at University of North Carolina Hospitals and the first Integrative Medicine Clinic at Wake Forest Baptist Health, Remy provides valuable insight into collaboration that can benefit Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) in the US.

Remy sets the context of medical practice in the United States today and the collaborative perspective of integrative medicine. He addresses key opportunities by understanding:
  • What’s missing in the U.S. healthcare system today?

  • What can we learn from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

Interpreting Classical Perspectives in TAM

Anusha Sehgal, MD (Āyurveda)
2nd speaker

With nearly 20 years of experience in Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) in India and the US, Anusha clarifies perspectives of health through classical Āyurveda. She discusses holistic health, environmental dependence and consequences like epidemics.

She raises key issues in the profession:
  • What are the challenges in recognizing the classical, holistic perspectives of TAM?

  • How can the holistic perspective of TAM support advancements in Western science and medicine?

  • How does TAM view the current pandemic?

Practicing full scope TAM in the US today

Kashyapa Fisher
3rd speaker

Managing a successful clinic of Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) and Pañchakarma in Albuquerque, NM, Kashyapa is well-versed in requirements and obstacles for classical practice in the US. He also recognizes the potential benefits for individual patients, communities and the health care system at-large.

Kashyapa discusses his experience in full scope practice in the US and shares clinical case studies:
  • How can Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) be practiced legitimately?

  • What are potential benefits for patients with TAM-primary and integrative care models?

Advancing TAM with technology 

Jessica Vellela, BAMS
4th speaker

Modeling the secular, scientific framework of Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) with modern technology, Jessica discusses opportunities for development of TAM and Western Medicine through collaborative practice, research and development. With the right support from key contributors in these fields, Jessica envisions a redefined health care system that addresses holistic human health and the environment.

She proposes advancing TAM with technology and considers:
  • How can technology advance the integration of TAM in the US?

  • Can technology renew scientific research and development within TAM?

Practicing Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) and advocating medical pluralism

Eliot Tokar
5th speaker

To practice Tibetan medicine effectively a doctor must draw upon all aspects of human cognition as well as spiritual understanding and a sense of compassion. Our responsibility is not only to provide for our patients. We must also serve as an example, teaching others that living with a sense of compassion – derived from ecological and spiritual awareness – is the most practical way to reduce suffering in our bodies, minds, and in the world in which we live.

Eliot explains how Traditional Tibetan Medicine:
  • Demonstrates co-existence of medical systems and medical pluralism

  • How Traditional Tibetan Medicine has successfully adapted to cultures, regions and times in the last 100 years

Schedule & Registration

Join us Wednesday, May 6th, 2020 for a two hour discussion and Q&A with five experts from Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM), Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) and Integrative Medicine.

During the first hour, each speaker shares a key part of the story. We currently have a powerful opportunity to advance Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) in a collaborative and integrative model of practice.

During the second hour, the speaker panel welcomes your questions for live discussion.

Register now and join us live on May 6th. We'll also send the recording link to all registered emails after the event.

We look forward to you joining us!

We welcome attendees from all locations. Local event times:

  • North America 12:00 pm EDT / 11:00 am CDT / 10:00am MDT / 9:00am PDT

  • UK 17:00 pm

  • Europe 18:00 pm

  • India 21:30 pm

Moderated by Joey Bujold

Joey is an enthusiastic student and avid supporter of the Vedic sciences, including Āyurveda, Jyotiṣha, and Yoga. He currently studies and resides in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Advancing Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) in the West

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